Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat


Rejuvinating yoga retreatYoga retreat near Aragats

2 days with instruction

This yoga retreat program provides a combination of activities to re-balance your body and mind. Start your day with a healthy nourishing and delicious breakfast, mixed style and level of yoga, visit a beautiful lake in the mountain, and a medieval castle. If you are looking for a relaxing yoga retreat, then this weekend retreat is for you.


  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Visit medieval Amberd Castle and Kari Lake
  • Complimentary transfer to the site
  • 1-night accommodation
  • Healthy meals.

Accommodation: Aragatsotn Region, Armenia.

Accommodation will be provided in the beautiful Amberd area, 38 km from Yerevan, at the foot of Mount Aragats at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level. The site is surrounded by beautiful Armenian landmarks – Amberd Castle – 7th century (14 km from the hotel, 2300 meters above sea level), the lake “Lake Kari” (Stone Lake) around 20 km from the hotel, located on the 3207 m above sea level) , the mausoleum of the dynasty of Armenian kings Arshakuni 4th century, the monastery “Tegher” 10th century.

Included excursions

  • Visit “Kare Litch” (Stone Lake) – Day 1
  • Visit Amberd Castle – Day 2


What’s included

  • 1-night accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Transfers to and from Yerevan
  • Visit Kari Litch
  • Visit Amberd Castle



Day 1

  • Arrival, check-in, breakfast, coffee, free time
  • Vinyasa yoga class
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Trip to Aragats Lake and back to valley
  • Return to the hotel
  • Swimming pool
  • Dinner
  • Evening tea and meditation
  • End of day 1

Day 2

  • Outdoor breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • Breakfast, coffee, free time, walk around the site
  • Pack, check out, take bag lunch from the hotel
  • Trip to Amberd
  • Outdoor hatha yoga class
  • Bag lunch, rest time
  • Walk to Amberd castle and surrounding sites
  • End of Day 2, return to the Yerevan

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