Voskevaz Winery

Trip to Voskevaz winery Castle of Voskevaz

Delicious assortment of Voskevaz wines

Tour around the property of Voskevaz Winery; learn the history of the winery in front of a stunning view of the property. Stroll through the yard; see the unique “karases” (huge wine pots) produced in the end of 19th century, in which the winery produces its award-winning wines. Take in the views of amazing sculptures, engravings, and colors in the yard. Then visit the wine cellar and learn about winemaking techniques, visit the mysterious labyrinth, and then go to the wine-tasting rooms to taste our award-winning wines. The tasting will be paired with local organic snacks.

About the Voskevaz wines: Voskevaz Winery creates unique high-quality wines, which combine winemaking traditions and innovations. Voskevaz winery is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia in the village of the same name Voskevaz, which in Armenian means “golden grape”. The foothills area of the highest mountain in Armenia – Aragats, is amazingly beautiful and diverse, and its land keeps cultural layers of Armenian civilization previous periods.



Tour around amazing Voskevaz Wine Cellar with all its charms and surprises. Become familiar with the history of winemaking, and visit wine “maran” (cellar) to see the unique karases produced at the end of 19th century. Wine tasting. Dinner.

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