New!!Tour to Machanents Tourism and Art Center, Arshakuni Mausoleum and Voskevaz Winery

Delicious tastes of Voskevaz winesCastle in Voskevaz

Tour to Machanents Tourism CenterMachanents Art and Tourism Center


The tour is designed for wine lovers while discovering Armenia’s cultural heritage and hospitality.

Start the tour by visiting Machanents Tourism and Art Center – a large complex that includes art exhibitions, a restaurant featuring authentic Armenian cuisine, a guesthouse, gift shop, cultural entertainment and various masterclasses. These is also the only place where you can enjoy sun smoked fish prepared within few minutes! Before lunch, we will have carpet weaving masterclass offered by a local artisan.

After the lunch at Machanents  Tourism and Art Center we will drive north to village Aghdzk in Aragatsotn province to visit burial site of the Arshakuni Dinasty – the Mausoleum  and basilica of built between 4th and 5th centuries.

We will then continue to village Voskevaz ( meaning “Golden wine”) winery established in 1932. We will have a guided tour around the factory to see the ancient clay potteries used for aging the wine discovered in the area, learn about ancient methods of wine fermentation and explore the beautiful Medieval castle build by current owners of the Voskevaz Factory. We will have wine tasting and dinner at Voskevas Castle restaurant before returning to Yerevan.




Depart Yerevan at 9:00am. Travel to city of Echmiadzin, to Machanents Tourism and Art Center, learn traditional Armenian carpet weaving and lunch.

Continue to village Aghdzk and visit the Arshakuni Dynasty ancient burial site.

Travel to village Voskevaz for a guided tour at Voskevaz winery, wine tasting and dinner.

Return to Yerevan.

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