Tour to Sevan Basin Cultural sites

Lake Sevan The mystic beauty of Sevanavank

Lake Sevan is Armenia’s “blue-eyed” beauty. The coastal zone is a national park. The tour includes visits to several historical places around the lake. It starts in Tsakhkunk – an ancient historical place, and continues to Hairavank monastery. Next stop is Noraduz – a medieval cemetery with a large number of Khachkars (Armenian traditional cross-stones). We will visit several interesting places such as the famous Armenian composer Avet Terteryan’s house in Tsakhkunk, then we will visit a bee keeper, and dine at a village house. Upon request: horseback riding from Tsakhkunk to Geghama Mountains.




Depart from Yerevan at 9:00AM. Visit Tsakhkunk, continue to Hairavank. Lunch, visit local bee keeper, tea time. Next stop at Noraduz – the ancient “khachkars” cemetery. continue to Sevanavank Monastery.

Dinner at a village house. Return to Yerevan.

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