New!!Tour to Geghard Monastery, Ark of Charents and Temple of Garni

Tour to Geghard monasteryKhachqars in Geghard

Geghard MonasteryTemple of Garni

The tour includes a visit to medieval Geghard Monastery carved in rock and surrounded by massive cliffs and the Pagan Temple of Garni – the only  Greco- Roman temple remaining on the territory of Armenia and the symbol of Pre-Christian Armenia.

After the tour shop for local fruit delicacies and Armenian pastry.



Guided tour to Geghard Monastery and Temple of Garni

Travel south east of Yerevan towards  the Geghard Monastery founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator. Stop by the Ark of Charents to view the magnificent Biblical Mount Ararat. Continue to Garni village to visit the 1st century Pagan temple dedicated to the God of Sun -Mihr.

Stop for lunch at Noyan Aygi restaurant. After lunch participate in a masterclass of your choice ( Armenian flat bread baking, carpet  weaving, ceramics or making Armenian sweet sudjukh).

Return to Yerevan.


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