Ethno tour to Gyumri

Gyumri with night lights

Renovated street in Gyumri

A trip to Gyumri – the second-in-size city of Armenia which is Armenia’s renowned “City of Masters”. Gyumri was originally founded as Kumayri and was first mentioned in the historic Urartian inscriptions dating back to the 8th century BC). It has, more than any other city in Armenia, preserved the customs and traditions of arts and crafts, cooking and music, fun and humor. The tour includes a visit to Aruchavank, Aslamazyan Sisters’ Museum, Dzitoghtsants Ethnographic Museum, familiarization to the traditions and customs of old Gyumri, a ride on a horse-phaeton in downtown through wonderful narrow streets and alleys, visits to Gyumri blacksmiths, ceramics, and other masters’ workshops, Old Gyumri style dinner, Marmashen, Ani, Harichavank, and other activities, return to Yerevan.



Day 1

Visit Aruchavank (St. Gregory Church) – early medieval dome church, rest-stop, and coffee at Aslamazyan House-Museum, tour around the museum exposition. Walking tour in Gyumri downtown, lunch.  Visit Dzitoghtsyan Ethnography Museum, familiarization with Gyumri traditions and customs. A ride on a Gyumri phaeton. Visit Gyumri crafts Masters. Trip to Marmashen – one of the renowned Armenian medieval religious and cultural centers. Old Gyumri style dinner. Rest and overnight.

Day 2

Museum tour around Gyumri, lunch, tour of the ancient Ani ruins, trip to Harichavank, return to Yerevan.

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