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Visit Ashtarak – the administrative capital of Aragatsotn province of Armenia and one of the oldest settlements situated above the gorge of Kasagh river. The tour includes food and wine tasting, baking masterclass, visits to cultural sites, such as the St. Gevorg Monastery in Mughni village,  the Gourme-Dourme Chocolate factory and the house-museum of the famous Armenian writer and novelist Perch Proshyan (1837-1907). The tour also includes familiarization with village customs and traditions and traditional Armenian lunch and dinner.



At 9:00 AM drive to the town of Ashtarak located 21 km northwest of Yerevan. On the way to Ashtarak, visit the beautiful 14th century St. Gevorg monastery in Mughni village. Drive to Ashtarak for a city tour. Stop at the Gourme-Dourme Chocolate factory for chocolate tasting and a guided tour. Visit 5th century Karmravor Church across from the chocolate factory.

Drive to Ashtarak Garden guest house to enjoy traditional Armenian lunch and lavash baking (Armenian flatbread) or Gata (Armenian pastry) masterclass.

After lunch visit the house-museum of famous Armenian novelist Perch Proshyan. Drive around Ashtarak for a city tour to view the well preserved medieval bridge, the old bathhouse and St. Mariane Church. Learn about the love story of 3 sisters who fell in love with Prince Sargis and the legend of three churches – Karmravor, Spitakavor and Tsiranavor.

Drive to Yeganyan’s Guest house for a delicious dinner, wine tasting and a memorable evening with the local family.

Return to Yerevan.

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