Tips for Traveling to Armenia – part 3


Tips for traveling to Armenia: drinks

Tips for traveling to Armenia – continued.

Tip #7 (everyone’s, even more, favorite) – drinks

Good, great, fabulous!  Yes, we are talking about Armenian cognac now :). This honey-colored legendary drink is one of Armenia’s signature items and needs no introduction. Although we perfectly understand, cognac is a little special – one doesn’t stroll into the nearest café and ask for a shot of cognac. It requires a special occasion, special mood, and special atmosphere.

For all other circumstances, Armenia offers its delicious wine which comes in such a variety that will satisfy even the strictest tastes. Armenian winemaking tradition is the oldest in the world. In 2011 the archeologists discovered what is thought to be the oldest winery on the planet, in a cave near the village of Areni, Armenia.

The tradition of wine drinking was a little overwhelmed by vodka-drinking during the Soviet era but is having a massive come-back nowadays. As a result there are so many delightful places to have a glass or two of wine with accompanying delicious food (see our previous post on GreenTravel’s Facebook page and blog) that you will find yourself in a race to try to visit all the wine places in Yerevan – or at least the ones in downtown. And it is an absolute must to take a trip or two to the wineries, where all these wonders are being made, they all offer wine tasting experiences. Wine tasting is a reason by itself to come to Armenia!

Bad things?  Try a glass of Armenian wine and you will know – there is none! Really, none! After all, who thinks about anything bad when having a glass of tastiest wine?

Tip #8 – Weather

Good things: Weather in fall is mild and pleasant, nature is gold and red. Fall is the most beautiful season in Armenia. Fruits are most tasty. If you are planning your visit to Armenia definitely choose early fall for your travel. Spring is breathtakingly beautiful and the weather is nice, but a bit unpredictable in early spring – it can be rainy and cooler than expected. The countryside is beautiful and green.

Bad things: Weather is continental in Armenia. Summer seasons are very hot. It’s even hotter in Yerevan. The temperature might reach up to 41-42 degrees by Celsius on some days in July or August. So bring the coolest cotton you have. Winter seasons are very cold and also very snowy. Bring winter coats and shoes, bring woolen sweaters and gloves. However, whatever the weather is, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Armenia.



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