Tips for Traveling to Armenia – part 2

GreenTravel_Armenia for traveling to Armenia: service

Tips for traveling to Armenia: service quality

Tips for traveling to Armenia – continued.

Tip #4 Service quality

Good things: Service quality varies in Armenia depending where you get it. In the capital city, it is usually very good. You will have a very comfortable homey feeling in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and in general, most service points. The genuine, unparalleled hospitality of Armenians makes them treat the visitors like their guests and offer the very best they have.

Not so good: In some places, you can see the service personnel has not received the appropriate training, but again, they try so hard and treat you so well that you forgive them any minor faults there might be there.

Tip # 5 – Hotels

Good things: You will find some of the familiar brands here – Marriott, Hilton Doubletree, Hyatt, Golden Tulip, Ibis, and Best Western. There are budget hotels and guesthouses; there are many decent B&Bs.

Not so good: There is a need for more budget hotels, particularly outside of the capital city. Lack of sufficient supply drives the prices to be higher than expected.

Tip # 6 (everyone’s favorite) – Food

Good? Excellent! Armenian cuisine is one of the best in the region. Seriously, at some point, you will find yourself loosening up your belt to the next belt-hole. And if you are a guest at someone’s house, you cannot get up from the table until you eat absolutely everything your host puts on your plate. It is usually more than you need for one meal but it is hard to resist because it is so tasty!

Not good: You will find it difficult to stay within your daily calorie range when you are in Armenia! So, forget about diets and expect to gain a couple of kilos if you do not watch out. Luckily, there is a solution – plenty of most delicious fruits and vegetables that are the best in the whole region.


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