Lake Arpi National Park

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Lake Arpi

Our country is famous for its medieval castles and monasteries, delicious cuisine, newborn and interesting attractions and virgin nature. We’ve already presented Armenia as a new destination for eco-tourists and nature lovers in our previous article. And as we’ve promised here is the first article about one of the most famous and admired national parks of Armenia: Lake Arpi.

Here are some facts and figures about this breathtaking place.

Location: Lake Arpi is in North-west of Armenia, in Shirak Province.

Size: 21,179 hectares

Altitude of the terrain: 2,025 m – 3,196 m

Year of establishment of the National Park: 2009

Landscape: Mountain steppes, subalpine meadows, lakes, wetlands, rivers

Flora: Orchids, gladiolus, iris, papaver, meadow saffron (colchicum), cyclamen (Caucasian scilla rosenii), Siberian iris, alpine auricula (Primula auriculata)

Fauna: Dalmatian pelican, Armenian gull, Eurasian otter, brown bear, Darevski’s viper

This is a very young National with huge biodiversity. The mountain steppes, subalpine grasslands, and high alpine rocky outcrops are intertwined with a wealth of lakes, wetlands, and rivers. In spring and summer, there is a profusion of colorful flowers. Horseback to gallop through the pristine countryside, famous for its prehistoric history is one of the activities the visitors can try. Birdwatchers can discover an abundance of rare species in this globally-important area for birds.

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Lake Arpi, Shirak Marz


The tourism center in Mets Sepasar near the park provides various eco-tourism services including hiking and horseback-riding trips, bird watching tours, and services for cross-country skiing. The lakes and marshes of Lake Arpi National Park are famous as excellent bird watching sites where one can observe breeding birds from May to July and migratory birds resting during spring and autumn. Arpi is also a place for reviving winter sports traditions. Cross-country skiing and winter-hiking tours can be organized on trails ranging from 1 – 10 km.

GreenTravel_Armenia_Arpi Lake

The beauty of Lake Arpi

Historical Places

Besides the impressive monastery complex of Marmashen, located north of Gyumri on the way to Lake Arpi National Park, visitors can trace pre-historic era pieces of evidence at the excavations of a 5,000-year-old temple at Mets Sepasar and the megalith stones found at Zuygaghpur. But it is not only about the pre-historic period. Evidence of contemporary history can be seen all around when traveling throughout the area.

Did you know, that …

the Dalmatian pelican, which breeds exclusively at Lake Arpi in Armenia, does not always eat whilst fishing? When it sweeps its bill underwater to catch small fish, shrimps, worms, and beetles, it often just fills the characteristic large pouch under its bill to save the prey for a later meal.

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GreenTravel_Armenia_Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian pelican

Beauty on the Border – Open plains, gentle slopes, and ever-changing seasonal colors make Lake Arpi a place for discovery and reflection.

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