Khosrov Forest State Reserve


Khosrov State Reserve

Deserts and semi-deserts, mountain steppes, woodlands, alpine and subalpine meadows – all these can be found in Khosrov reserve. Intense wind, hot weather, and water once shaped stunning geological figures like pyramids, towers, and niches. Khosrov is home to rare animal species such as Caucasian leopard, bezoar goat, and brown bear.

Here are some facts of interest.

Location: Khosrov is in south-western part of Armenia, in Ararat Province

Year of establishment: 1958

Fauna: Caucasian leopard, bezoar goat, brown bear, black vulture, Caspian snowcock, Armenian viper.


Those who are interested in ecotourism the reserve offers different routes and various activities. One option is horseback on Khachadzor trail, 18.8 km through the picturesque Mankuk river gorge towards the eastern part of Khosrov Forest passes through ancient villages and churches, cross-stones gravestones, amazing landscapes and natural lakes. The bezoar goat is one of the rare species of Khosrov Forest. The area is also rich in bird and reptile species.

Historical Places

Khosrov has an amazing cultural history with old shrines, monasteries, churches and abandoned villages. The “Sun Temple” of Garni is thought to be dedicated to Mithra, the sun god. More historical sites of the reserve include the remnants of the famous Havuts Tar church (10th-13th centuries), located in the Garni district, and Kaqavaberd, a beautiful fortified castle located on the right side of Azat River. The fortress offers a breathtaking view of the river Azat.

Did you know that the leopard, which is one of Khosrov Forest’s protected and rare species, was quite widespread in ancient times? The proof is in prehistoric petroglyphs depicting hunters and their prey: bezoar goats and leopards.

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