Art Weekend, Fine Arts + Handmade Bazaar

GreenTravel_Armenia spinning tops

Colorful spinning tops

The “ArtWeekend” project for all art lovers took place in Gyumri, on May 19 to 21. Gyumri, the capital of crafts and art in Armenia, was selected as the location for this project. During three lovely days in May, the daily life of Gyumri was colored by art: fine arts, music, and literature.

DAY 1: May 19, 7 pm, Art Weekend

The theme of the day was MUSIC

The Art weekend began with the MUSIC day. The opening night featured Lucy Khanyan with unique compositions in ethno, jazz and fusion genres. Wine, wonderful music and the opening celebration colored the first evening of the project.

DAY 2: May 20, 3 pm, Art Weekend

The theme of the day was FINE ARTS + a Handmade Crafts Bazaar

The second day was dedicated to fine arts. Modern artists Narek Barseghyan, Siranush Aghajanyan and Gor Arushanyan exhibited their artworks in Loft Gyumri and held master classes.

DAY 3: May 21, 6 pm, Art Weekend

The theme of the day was LITERATURE

The last day of the project was dedicated to literature. The partner of the day was “Armenia Cultural Foundation”. Famous “grabus” (literature bus) from Yerevan arrived in Gyumri. Throughout the day, people of Gyumri had the opportunity to get brand new published literature. On the same day, Loft Gyumri hosted the ”Celebrities’ recommendations” project․

All three days Gyumri people and guests enjoyed music, fine arts, and literature, as well as celebrations and festive atmosphere. The pictures below depict some of the details of the event.

GreenTravel_Armenia_free collage master class

A free collage master class, held by young fine artists Gor and Siranush

GreenTravel_Armenia_handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry with typical Armenian details

GreenTravel_Armenia_Armenian handmade dolls

Armenian handmade dolls

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